Data Access & Tools


Precision Health offers rich multimodal health datasets for researchers at the University of Michigan, including EHR data for more than 5 million Michigan Medicine patients, genetic data from the Michigan Genomics Initiative (MGI), mobile health and wearables data, medical imaging, and health surveys. Researchers use the data for a wide range of research studies, including data-driven analyses for patient risk stratification, disease prevention, treatment, and more. Available data includes: 

Electronic Health Record (EHR) 
DeIdentified Electronic Health Record (EHR) data is available from more than 5 million patients at Michigan Medicine. Data includes diagnosis, encounter, lab, medication and procedure information as well as patient demographics and patient medical history.  Learn more.  

CMS Claims/Michigan Medicine Electronic Health Record (EHR) Data Repository
This dataset combines the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) data with the health data of over 447,000 Michigan Medicine Medicare patients from 2016-2021.  Learn more.

Genetic Data
The Michigan Genomics Initiative (MGI) makes available the genetic data for more than 80K participants. The genetic data are linkable to the Electronic Health Record (EHR) and health data, enabling novel biomedical insights. Learn more.

Geolocation Data
Geolocation data allows National Neighborhood Data Archive (NaNDA) data to be linked to Michigan Medicine patients’ Electronic Health Record (EHR). Learn more. 

Medical Imaging
Precision Health makes available repositories of linked medical imaging and EHR data. Researchers can access over 8000 clinical brain MRI studies transformed into a multimodal dataset ready for machine learning research. Another imaging repository of chest X-rays performed on Michigan Medicine patients between 2017 and 2022 is also available for UM researchers. Learn more. 

Mobile Health & Wearables
Data from study patients’ mobile fitness devices, including Apple watches and FitBits. Mobile data can be linked to a patient’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) data, and other Precision Health data. Learn more

Survey questions and responses from Michigan Medicine patients and MY PART participants on a range of topics, including COVID-19, lifestyle and social determinants of health. Learn more.