Of Interest

  • Data Science Bootcamp for Biomedical Scientists

    Monday–Friday, July 18–22, 2022, the Michigan Institute for Data Science (MIDAS) is holding a bootcamp, where participants will learn how to use machine learning, employ deep learning, determine which techniques are appropriate for a given clinical application, and implement them in Python code. The bootcamp is open to all biomedical scientists, but is geared toward junior faculty and public and private sector researchers interested in using data science. Please register by June 25.

  • Nearly half of people infected with COVID-19 experienced some ‘long COVID’ symptoms

    Precision Health member Bhramar Mukherjee led research that looked at data from 50 studies and 1.6 million people and found 43 percent of those infected with COVID-19 experienced post-COVID conditions.

  • Smartwatch measurements to track COVID-19 progression

    A study in Cell Reports Medicine, whose co-authors include Precision Health researchers Srijan Sen and Muneesh Tewari, demonstrates how the real-time monitoring of smartwatches can track physiological changes caused by COVID-19. “This work establishes an innovative data analytic approach to monitor disease progression remotely using consumer-grade wearables,” the authors write.

Feature Stories

  • Call for applications: Associate Director, Precision Health Cohort Development Workgroup

    The Precision Health Cohort Development Workgroup is charged with continuing to grow and develop the community of participants who have consented to share their health data for research activities. Precision Health is seeking the next Faculty Associate Director for Cohort Development, to continue the current success of this team and guide its future direction.

  • Using AI to Predict and Manage Sepsis

    In the midst of the buzz swirling around artificial intelligence (AI) –whether it’s overselling AI’s disease prediction capabilities or pointing out its fallibility and inherent biases—lies the knowledge that, with… more

  • Wearables data now available via Precision Health DataDirect

    We are pleased to announce the first set of wearables data available on Precision Health’s Analytics Platform and accessible via our self-serve tools. The PROviding Mental health Precision Treatment (PROMPT) Precision Health Study has been gathering data from mobile fitness devices, FitBits, and HealthKits (Apple watch), including information about physical activity, weight, calories burned, heart rate, sleep patterns, and more.