Of Interest

  • Health disparities in COVID-19 care and follow-up

    Precision Health member Sheria Robinson-Lane, PhD, RN, MHA, led a study, recently published in the Journal of the American Medical Directors Association, on 60-day outcomes after COVID hospitalization. It found that Black patients experienced the lowest physician follow-up post-discharge and the longest delays in returning to work, and that more than half of hospital readmissions within the 60 days after discharge were among nonwhite patients.

  • Watch a recording of the Sept. 30 webinar

    For those unable to tune in on September 30, a recording of the Precision Health webinar “How Data Science, Learning Health Systems, and Precision Health Can Enhance Clinical Practice” is now available.

  • 2020 Annual Report

    Learn about important COVID research by Precision Health faculty, ways we are connecting with our participant community, how we are addressing issues such as health disparity, and the progress each of our workgroups made in 2020.

Feature Stories

  • PROMPT Precision Health Study surpasses 1,000 participants

    “We want to address two fundamental problems,” said PROMPT Co-Investigator Amy Bohnert: “In mental health care, there’s a huge problem with long waits for care.” The second problem the project seeks to address is the “one size fits all” approach that has been the standard for mental health treatment. “We hope to more effectively bring a precision approach to mental health and be able to predict beforehand which treatment will be most effective for a specific patient,” said PROMPT Co-Investigator Srijan Sen.

  • Sebastian Zöllner Named Precision Health Co-Director

    Effective July 1, 2021, Sebastian Zöllner became Co-Director of Precision Health at the University of Michigan. Zöllner, a professor of Biostatistics at the School of Public Health and of Psychiatry… more

  • Scholars Award leads to publications, grant for psoriasis/T2D research

    In 2019, Matthew Patrick, MEng, PhD—a research investigator in dermatology with degrees in software engineering and computer science—received a Precision Health Scholars Award. With this award, Matthew planned to research… more