Of Interest

  • Evaluation of Sepsis Prediction Models before Onset of Treatment

    Although sepsis models generally aim to predict onset, clinicians might recognize & treat before the sepsis definition is met. Researchers have not previously investigated the accuracy of sepsis risk predictions that are made before treatment begins.

    UM researchers, staff, & faculty from Michigan Medicine and the College of Engineering leveraged Precision Health’s Implementation resources to evaluate the discriminative performance of AI sepsis predictions made throughout a hospitalization relative to the time of treatment. Authors include Precision Health members & staff; Karandeep Singh, Tom Valley, Jessica Virzi, & Jenna Wiens – Precision Health Co-Director.

  • Catch February’s Member Research Highlights!

    Each month we compile and share a list of recent member publications! Take a look at this incredible list of a publications from January & February from 15+ Precision Health members..

  • Uncovering associations between pre-existing conditions and covid-19 severity a polygenic risk score approach across three large biobanks

    Precision Health members Dr. Lars Fritsche (Associate Research Scientist, Biostatistics, School of Public Health) and Dr. Bhramar Mukherjee (Siobán D Harlow Collegiate Professor of Public Health, John D Kalbfleisch Distinguished University Professor of Biostatistics, Chair, Department of Biostatistics) were part of a team that intended to explore and understand the genetic underpinnings of severe COVID-19 forms. Utilizing Michigan Genomics Initiative data and resources, they were able to make meaningful observations and have insights to share in a recently published piece in PLOS Genetics. We talked further with Dr. Fritsche and Dr. Mukherjee to learn more.

Feature Stories

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  • Member Spotlight: Sheria Robinson-Lane

    Dr. Sheria G. Robinson-Lane, Assistant Professor of Nursing, School of Nursing, is a gerontologist with expertise in palliative care, long-term care, and nursing administration. Dr. Robinson-Lane’s work aims to reduce… more