Tools & Resources


Competitive Grants Fuel Innovation

Precision Health offers two competitive grants programs to support the development, growth, and enrichment of precision health tools, resources, and applications.

  • Scholars Awards, to generate interest among graduate students, fellows, residents, and trainees, and
  • Investigators Awards, to encourage new collaborative research projects rooted in precision health to advance science and develop health innovations.

(2021 Investigators Awards pre-proposals were due Wednesday, May 12, 2021.)

Proposals are encouraged that clearly advance work in the area of precision health and address biological advances; diagnostics; therapeutics; analytics; software/programming including artificial intelligence, machine learning, and sensors; or related, innovative areas.  Especially encouraged are proposals with one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Use U-M Precision Health datasets and/or analytic tools or create new tools and/or expand the U-M Precision Health dataset through additions to the cohort or novel data streams
  • Involve multidisciplinary collaboration by engaging investigators from two or more schools
  • Focus on pressing health problems, such as cancer, mental health, metabolic disease, or opioid misuse prevention
  • Generate new data or capabilities that will be of value to and shared with a broad range of the U-M Precision Health community
  • Demonstrate strength in the qualifications and experience of the investigator(s) and propensity to lead to externally funded project(s)
  • Draw in external partners