Our Research

Research Policies

Precision Health at the University of Michigan Policy on Access to Genomic, Health, and Summary Data, Biospecimens, and Re-contact of Research Participants Enrolled in the Michigan Genomics Initiative [pdf]
This policy establishes a framework for appropriate access to resources derived from research participants in Michigan Genomics Initiative (MGI), as well as procedures enabling re-contact of MGI participants by investigators secondary to the program.

University of Michigan Precision Health Policy Establishing a Michigan Genomics Partnership [pdf]
This policy outlines the ways in which individual investigators may collaborate with Precision Health by contributing to the participant cohort and leveraging Precision Health infrastructure for genomic data acquisition and analysis.

Michigan Genomics Initiative Acknowledgement and Authorship Policy [pdf]
This document outlines how and to what extent MGI and related entities be recognized in publications, grant applications, and presentations that use MGI resources.

Michigan Genomics Initiative – Data sharing letter for journals [pdf]
This document is a letter to journals for researchers that want to publish research performed on MGI data; the letter explains our access/sharing policy around genetic data.

Summary Statistics Request Data Use Agreement [pdf]
Researchers external to UM can request summary statistics from genetic analyses computed on the MGI cohort. Sharing of summary statistics requires a completed Data Use Agreement to be emailed to phdatahelp@umich.edu.