Our Research

Precision Health at U-M facilitates collaborative faculty research in many areas, from cancer to mental health to metabolic disease and more.

To develop our resources and structures, we fund use cases employing novel techniques and technologies focused on key disease areas that significantly impact the population. Our current projects address how opioid prescribing impacts future opioid dependence; the relationship among sensor data (such as blood pressure monitoring), genetic data, and health outcomes; and the use of mobile technology in improving mental health care.

The Michigan Genomics Initiative (MGI), Precision Health’s participant cohort, provides valuable patient data for Precision Health researchers. With approximately 90,000 participants, it’s currently one of the world’s largest opt-in, multi-use, participant-focused precision health patient cohorts. MGI integrates novel datasets with participants’ electronic health records and genetic data, allowing researchers to learn more about disease trajectory based on a number of health, behavior, and socioeconomic factors. Our MY PART Study aims to increase and diversify the MGI population by enrolling individuals who reflect the diversity of the United States across health status, age, gender identity, race, ethnicity, and geography.

We have also funded research across disciplines with our Scholars and Investigators Awards.