Our Research


The recruitment, engagement, and retention of a large, diverse community of consented participants is the goal of the Michigan and You – Partnering to Advance Research Together (MY PART) Study. MY PART aims to enroll individuals who reflect the diversity of the United States, across health status, age, gender identity, race, ethnicity, and geography.

MY PART participants are asked to answer health-related survey questions and provide a genetic sample to U-M’s Central Biorepository. The biorepository stores these biospecimens and personal health information for future research projects, combining biospecimens and health information into “books” that can later be shared with researchers to advance medicine.

MY PART hopes to provide a diverse and representative registry accessible to approved researchers within and outside the University of Michigan to advance diagnosis, prediction, prevention, and treatment discoveries. Participation in the study could advance research about common and serious medical conditions, adding to our understanding of disease etiology and potential interventions. This study also provides researchers the opportunity to explore the use of integrated health systems, electronic medical records, and patient-reported outcomes as tools to improve healthcare.

Those interested in participating can join online, call (734) 764-5391, or email precisionhealthstudy@med.umich.edu.