Health Implementation

Precision Health’s Health Implementation team devises the overall process by which promising precision health discoveries can be integrated into Michigan Medicine patient care and health systems throughout the state of Michigan, as well as informing improvements in health care nationwide. Leaders and providers throughout the health system are key partners in the success of this initiative. The program has 6 main goals:

  1. Identify and correct barriers to the integration and evaluation of promising algorithms, Al, clinical therapeutics, novel diagnostics.
  2. Identify and correct data source limitations that prevent implementation science.
  3. Enable implementation science using Precision Health data streams; EHR, genetics, socioeconomic status, environment exposure.
  4. Broaden the community of researchers who access and use resources developed by Precision Health’s Implementation Workgroup.
  5. Work with HITS to incorporate the genomics indicator module within the EHR and to identify precision health research opportunities around its implementation.
  6. Enhance the reputation of the University of Michigan in implementation science and precision health implementation.