Precision Health Member Highlights

Precision Health members are actively collaborating, researching, and publishing their insights! Every month we highlight some of this great work in our Member Spotlight features and our Member Newsletter research highlights. Take a look below to learn more!

Member Research Highlights by month:

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Precision Health ‘Member Spotlight’ features

Aaron Morris Claudia Loebel
Vincent Chen Lenette Jones Romesh Nalliah Sofia Merajver &
Nate Merrill
Tyler G. James Mark D. Peterson Anao Zhang &
Nina Jackson Levin
Lana Garmire
Megan Threats Rodica Busui Mattias Kretzler Tom Valley
Sriram Chandrasekaran Mosumi Banerjee Cornelius James Miatta Buxton
Kathleen Sienko Nikola Banovic

Do you have exciting research to share with your fellow members? Reach out about being featured in a future Precision Health Member Spotlight!