Precision Health Scholars Awards

2018 Scholars Awards

2018 Scholars Awards recipients and research topics


Abhinav Achreja, BTech, PhD (research fellow, Biomedical Engineering):
“Phenotype and metabotype analysis of cancer patient–specific metabolic vulnerabilities”

Nnenaya Agochukwu, MD, MS (in progress) (research fellow, Urology):
“Prediction of sexual function recovery following radical prostatectomy”

Andi Cani, BS, MS (graduate student, Pathology):
“Development of pre-DRE whole urine–based, next-generation sequencing and RT-qPCR assays for early detection of prostate cancer”

Xiaoyan Jia, PhD (postdoctoral fellow, Human Genetics):
“Informing precision health with high-throughput functional assays”

Aaron Morris, BS, MS, MPhil, PhD (postdoctoral fellow, Biomedical Engineering):
“In vivo engineered precision prognostics for multiple sclerosis”

Yashar Niknafs, BS, PhD (postdoctoral researcher, Pathology):
“Analysis and visualization of functional genetic variants via gene expression analysis and expansion of the non-coding transcriptome”

John Plass, BA, MA, MS, PhD (postdoctoral research fellow, Psychology):
“Rapid patient-specific brain mapping for neurosurgical planning”

Arun Subramaniyan, BE, MS (graduate student research assistant, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, CSE division):
“Hardware-accelerated systems for next-generation sequencing analysis”

Ida Surakka, PhD (postdoctoral fellow, Internal Medicine):
“Prediction of coronary artery disease: from statistical models to next-generation clinical application”

Neriman Tokcan, PhD (postdoctoral Assistant Professor of Mathematics):
“A novel tensor similarity score for the classification of cardiac index”

Xianyong Yin, MD, PhD (postdoctoral research fellow, Biostatistics):
“Biological insights into type 2 diabetes from genetic investigation of plasma metabolites in the METSIM study”

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