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Philanthropic support will amplify, accelerate, and sustain the effort to ensure Precision Health’s maximum impact.

Support from donors and corporate partners helps:

Expand the Cohort

Our ability to effect real change in the way we study health and treat disease depends largely on the size of our patient database. The greater the number and diversity of patients participating in our studies, the more vital information we are able to study and compare. With significant investment, we can grow our community of patient data to levels that will enable breakthroughs in medical knowledge and understanding.

The Michigan Genomics Initiative (MGI) integrates genomic information along with patient records for a more complete picture of trends and populations. With more than 65,000 patients, it’s currently one of the world’s largest opt-in, multiuse, participant-focused precision health patient cohorts —but we need to expand and broaden its scope.

Invest in Core Technology and Resources

For Precision Health at the University of Michigan to thrive, we need the high-tech computing systems, networks, storage, and know-how to make it all work seamlessly. As complex data is collected, we must mobilize, develop, and deploy the most powerful information technology, sophisticated analytical tools, customized software, and other resources to clean, secure, retrieve, manage, analyze, and visualize data. This work is critical to translate massive amounts of information into useful knowledge to drive improvements in human health—ensuring along the way that patient information remains secure and private.

The Precision Health Data Analytics & IT focus area enables health researchers from across the university to develop and access sophisticated tools for health analytics. It also enables researchers to connect and collaborate across disciplines, to collectively explore questions that arise from our rich datasets. Funding would allow us to continue assembling the resources we need to make this all possible.

Launch Use Cases

Precision Health will use funding to address medical challenges with high societal impact, such as opioid dependence, cancer, metabolic diseases, and mental health. With our Precision Opioid Prescribing use case, we are applying specific and transformative funding to address opioid misuse, a public health issue with deep societal reverberations. Our second use case, the PROMPT Precision Health Study, aims to reduce the burden of depression by taking advantage of mobile technology. Funding will allow us to pursue additional use cases in these key areas.

Jumpstart Research: Challenge Grants

Private research support is essential to jumpstart and sustain innovative ideas. Precision Health challenge grants will provide start-up funding to launch interdisciplinary projects with great potential for success and impact.

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Senior Director of Development – Strategic Initiatives
Office of University Development

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