Data Access & Tools

Video Tutorials

These YouTube videos explain how to access and take advantage of Precision Health’s data and analytics resources. (Videos open in a new tab.)

Getting Started | Experienced User Support | User Stories

Getting Started:

Overview of Resources (5 minutes): services and resources available through Precision Health’s Analytics Platform (clinical data, genetic data, self-serve tools, and more)

Preliminaries (3+ minutes): levels of access, IRB Jurisdiction, and training requirements to access Precision Health resources

How to Submit a Ticket (2+ minutes): for consultation, access to self-serve tools, or a data request

Research Infrastructure (3 minutes): different data types and sources, and how they are integrated


Experienced User Support:

Sponsoring DataDirect Users (2+ minutes): how a faculty member may sponsor a student or staff member as a DataDirect user

Finding Data on Turbo (1 minute): how to find data in the Precision Health turbo environment

De-identified RDW data (9+ minutes): a demonstration on how to find and query the database through SQL server

Using Geolocation in PH resources (10+ minutes): the basics of how to use and what geolocation data you’ll find in Precision Health’s resources, for researchers interested in population health issues

Precision Health Armis2 Resources (23 minutes): tutorial covering how to use Precision Health–specific GPUs and how to access the power of ARMIS2; insights into computing resources that can empower research

MGI Star Allele Data Requests (10+ minutes): to enrich pharmacogenomics research; includes an overview of the value of this information, how research can be expanded, recent updates, and how to access data

Using Precision Health Resources to Empower COVID-19 Research (webinar, 56 minutes): reviews available data on coronavirus testing and diagnoses; demographics, comorbidities, medications, and other clinical information related to health outcomes; genotypes of more than 70,000 participants in the Michigan Genomics Initiative; and tools and services available for accessing and analyzing data


User Stories

In these brief videos, researchers from various departments explain how they are using Precision Health resources to advance their work and collaborate.

Dan Hertz, Assistant Professor, College of Pharmacy (2 minutes)

Laura Rozek, Associate Professor of Environmental Health Sciences, and Arvind Rao, Associate Professor of Computational Medicine and Bioinformatics (3+ minutes)

Jean Morrison, Assistant Professor of Biostatistics (3+ minutes)