Data Access & Tools

Research Survey Data

Subsets of Precision Health Research participants have been (and are) recontacted through surveys that gather quantitative and qualitative data that are not provided in patient charts. 

Michigan Genomics Initiative (MGI) Pain Questionnaires
The Pain Questionnaires leverage PROMIS measures and include domains of patient-reported outcomes, like pain severity before surgery, physical function, depression, anxiety, as well as life stress scales. These longitudinal questionnaires were administered to participants before their surgeries and then at various intervals of time thereafter.

Epidemiological Questionnaire
The Epidemiological Questionnaire (EPI-Q) is a broad-based survey series aimed at obtaining important health-related lifestyle, behavioral, and risk factor data that can be linked to a participant’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) and genotype data. The MGI EPI-Q consists of previously created and used modules from sources including the UK Biobank, All of Us, the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Survey, the National Health Interview Survey, and the American Community Survey. Questions have been adapted for the MGI population context. A very small number of items have been created firsthand by the research team in consultation with domain experts and a survey director at the Institute for Social Research (ISR).

Michigan Medicine/Precision Health COVID-19 Survey
The Michigan Medicine/Precision Health COVID-19 survey aims to obtain important COVID-19 health-related information from Michigan Medicine patients participating in a study using the University of Michigan Central Biorepository. Data from the survey can be linked to a patient’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) and genotype data for the purposes of future, currently undefined research. The data collected from the survey is stored in the University of Michigan Medical School’s Research Data Warehouse (RDW).  Existing health information of the survey respondents also resides in the RDW and can be accessed through achievement of appropriate permissions and approvals, including IRB approval/exemption, where applicable.



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