Data Access & Tools

How to Access Data, Tools & Analytic Environments

Part of Precision Health’s mission is to help connect researchers to our vast data, computing, and analytics resources. Dedicated staff are available to guide you through the process and to meet the few prerequisites in place to ensure data privacy, security, and compliance. We encourage you to connect with us at so that we can speed your access.

To access Precision Health resources, you will need:

Access the Analytics Platform documentation site, which provides guidance on how to access and use features, resources, and tools.

IRB Application Guidance
All IRB applications should go through IRBMed and not HSBS.

Type of IRB application needed by investigators for Precision Health resources:

Dataset Type IRB application
Aggregate datasets No IRB application required
 “Deidentified” or “Limited” datasets (per HIPAA definition) Require an IRB application. At a minimum, receive a “not-regulated” determination
Datasets with Protected Health Information (PHI) beyond the limited dataset level Require IRB review and approval or exempt determination

Deidentified health data and genomic data requests on their own are pre-approved by the MGI committee and do not need a specific letter or commitment to submit to IRB. Biospecimen requests and re-contact of Precision Health participants (MGI et al.) will need Precision Health MGI Access Committee approval.

Contact the Data Office for Clinical & Translational Research (DOCTR) with any IRB-related questions: