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Opportunities to share your knowledge with us at the Symposium

Trainee Lightning Talks provide trainees with an opportunity to showcase your MGI-powered projects to the community. We invite you to participate in a 5-minute presentation session dedicated to highlighting the progress and findings of your MGI projects.

During this presentation, you will have the chance to present key aspects of your project, including its objectives, methodologies, and preliminary outcomes.

Collaboration Pitches will help to foster new partnerships and encourage idea-sharing within Precision Health. We invite you to participate by presenting a brief 5-minute pitch, with the opportunity to use up to 3 slides, showcasing your project and potential collaboration ideas.

This event is not focused on presenting finalized results, but rather on sparking discussions and initiating collaborative projects. It’s a great opportunity to connect with fellow researchers and explore possibilities for joint ventures and interdisciplinary collaboration.

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