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There are many ways you can get involved and contribute to the success of Precision Health at the University of Michigan as a researcher, patient, or supporter.


Precision Health at the University of Michigan is designed to bring together researchers from across the university, as well as from other institutions, by building the data resources, computational environments, analytical tools, and implementation platforms that can be used across many areas of science, and by providing the infrastructure and access to data that allow faculty to explore ideas that historically were impossible to consider because of obstacles and restraints.

To get involved:

  • Review our five workgroups established to support precision health research and see if one is aligned with your research interest
  • Consider applying for one of our grants
  • Review our Tools and Resources page to see how we can help advance your research
  • Join our mailing list to receive regular updates about Precision Health at the University of Michigan

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To move Precision Health at U-M from discovery to the end goal of improving human health, we need people to participate: people of all races, ethnicities, genders, and ages.

One opportunity is to participate in the Michigan Genomics Initiative, a research study that involves collecting a blood sample and some information about your health and background.

Many researchers across the University of Michigan are conducting clinical trials testing potential new therapies, including precision-based therapies. Search the UMHealthResearch site for clinical trials available to individuals with a variety of medical conditions, as well as healthy volunteers.

The U-M Comprehensive Cancer Center also offers a searchable database of cancer-related clinical trials. Anyone with questions about cancer treatment can call the U-M Cancer AnswerLine to speak to a registered oncology nurse: 800-865-1125.


In order to advance our impact, U-M is investing $38M over three years to establish a robust underlying Precision Health platform.  Philanthropic support will amplify, accelerate, and sustain the effort to ensure maximum impact.

Support from donors and corporate partners helps:

Expand the Cohort
Precision Health requires robust and detailed information from large populations. Philanthropic investment can help expand the participant community in a specific geographic, disease, or demographic area.

Invest in Core Technology and Resources
Core resources that enable scientists to collaborate, share data, and employ the latest, most sophisticated technology are essential to the success of Precision Health. Investment will accelerate research and ensure that promising projects don’t falter due to lack of resources.

Launch Use Cases
Given their societal impact, Precision Health will use funding to address classic medical challenges such as cancer, metabolic diseases, and mental health. Currently, we are applying specific and transformative funding to address opioid misuse, a public health issue with deep societal impact.  Funding will allow us to pursue additional use cases in these key areas.

Jumpstart Research: Challenge Grants
Private research support is essential to jumpstart and sustain innovative ideas. Precision Health challenge grants will provide start-up funding to launch interdisciplinary projects with great potential for success and impact.


Learn more:
Maher Salah
Senior Director of Development – Strategic Initiatives
Office of University Development

You can make a donation directly to Precision Health through our secure online form.