Data Access & Tools

Medical Imaging Data

Chest X-Rays
The Precision Health Chest X-Ray Repository includes chest x-rays performed on Michigan Medicine patients. The repository includes images taken in various orientations. The repository contains most chest X-rays taken at Michigan Medicine between January 2018 and December 2021.

The chest X-rays are on the Precision Health HIPAA-compliant Turbo storage and accessible through Yottabyte and Armis2. Researchers can view them through MicroDicom or plot them with Jupyter Notebook. The chest X-rays are linkable to patient health data through our self-serve tools. 

MRIs (coming soon!)
Precision Health is working on developing one or more MRI repositories. The first available will be a (deidentified) Brain MRI repository. 


Completion of the prerequisites listed here is required for access. U-M VPN login is required to access all of the components of the Precision Health secure enclave. We encourage you to connect with us at so we can facilitate your access.