Data Access & Tools

Additional Data

Cancer Registry
The Cancer Registry facilitates discovery of cancer patient data. It includes data from the Michigan Medicine Cancer Registry for over 200,000 patients and allows investigators to explore the Electronic Health Record (EHR) data associated with those patients. Data is available in aggregate counts. Patient-level data is available with IRB approval.

Data available:

  • Patient demographics
  • Primary tumor site, size, metastasis
  • Staging
  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment
  • Recurrence

Michigan Death Index
Michigan Death Index data is provided by the State of Michigan. The death data is matched with a patient’s record by name, date of birth and Social Security Number (SSN). This data is available through the self-serve tools DataDirect and Deidentified RDW.

Note:  SSN is not available to researchers.

SureScripts Data
SureScripts medication data refers to pharmacy-filled prescriptions for active* Michigan Medicine patients. It includes data on medications dispensed by pharmacies** across the United States, as gathered by Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBM). Currently, DataDirect includes SureScripts data from 2009–2019.

* An “active patient” is defined as a patient who has at least two Michigan Medicine encounters between July, 2018–December,  2019.

** SureScripts data does not include data from Kroger, Costco or small community pharmacies.

Stork Data
Stork data provides information about pregnancy outcomes (e.g., membrane rupture time, birth weight, AGPAR scores, etc.) by linking data from the mother’s and newborn’s electronic health records. Most Stork data is available going back to 2012.

Completion of the prerequisites listed here is required for access. U-M VPN login is required to access all of the components of the Precision Health secure enclave. We encourage you to connect with us at so we can facilitate your access.