Data Access & Tools

The Precision Health Analytics Platform is a suite of tools, services, and datasets available to researchers across campus.

The Analytics Platform—enhanced by additional dedicated GPUs—makes it easier for researchers across disciplines to collaborate on data-driven analyses for patient risk stratification, disease prevention, treatment, and more in a secure enclave with a growing number of tools and features.

Key components of the Analytics Platform

  • Self-serve Precision Health tools (prerequisites required for access), allowing researchers to query and access the deidentified health data of more than 4 million Michigan Medicine patients
  • Geolocation data for +4M Michigan Medicine patients’ current and historical addresses
  • Imaging data of more than ~750,000 chest x-rays for ~100,000 Michigan Medicine patients
  • Genetic data and analysis are available and linkable to the clinical and other health data
  • Research surveys administered to ~70,000 Precision Health participants ranging from pain severity, physical function, anxiety, depression, lifestyle (family, diet, personal health, etc.) as well as COVID-19 exposures and symptoms
  • Documentation for our resources includes user guides, data dictionaries, code, best practices and more
  • HIPAA-compliant environment through Turbo storage offers secure computing environments for both Linux and Windows users
  • 48 Dedicated GPUs available through the Precision Health Armis2 allocation

In line with our data safety and security standards, Precision Health data must remain within their current Precision-Health-managed compute/storage environment.


This diagram illustrates the basic data architecture and infrastructure underlying the Precision Health Analytics Platform:



Completion of the prerequisites listed here is required for access. U-M VPN login is required to access all of the components of the Precision Health secure enclave. We encourage you to connect with us at so we can facilitate your access.