Analytics Platform

Video Tutorials

These YouTube videos explain how to access and take advantage of Precision Health’s data and analytics resources. (Videos open in a new tab.)

Getting Started:

Overview of Resources (5 minutes): services and resources available through Precision Health’s Analytics Platform (clinical data, genetic data, self-serve tools, and more)

Preliminaries (3+ minutes): levels of access, IRB Jurisdiction, and training requirements to access Precision Health resources

How to Submit a Ticket (2+ minutes): for consultation, access to self-serve tools, or a data request

Using the Documentation Site (3 minutes): how to access and navigate the SharePoint documentation site

Research Infrastructure (3 minutes): different data types and sources, and how they are integrated


Experienced User Support:

Sponsoring DataDirect Users (2+ minutes): how a faculty member may sponsor a student or staff member as a DataDirect user

Finding Data on Turbo (1 minute): how to find data in the Precision Health turbo environment

De-identified RDW data (9+ minutes): a demonstration on how to find and query the database through SQL server

Precision Health Armis2 Resources (23 minutes): tutorial covering how to use Precision Health–specific GPUs and how to access the power of ARMIS2; insights into computing resources that can empower research

MGI Star Allele Data Requests (10+ minutes): to enrich pharmacogenomics research; includes an overview of the value of this information, how research can be expanded, recent updates, and how to access data

Using Precision Health Resources to Empower COVID-19 Research (webinar, 56 minutes): reviews available data on coronavirus testing and diagnoses; demographics, comorbidities, medications, and other clinical information related to health outcomes; genotypes of more than 70,000 participants in the Michigan Genomics Initiative; and tools and services available for accessing and analyzing data