Tools & Resources

Analytics Platform

The Precision Health Analytics Platform is a suite of tools, services, and datasets available to researchers across campus.

The Analytics Platform—enhanced by additional dedicated GPUs—makes it easier for researchers across disciplines to collaborate on data-driven analyses for patient risk stratification, disease prevention, treatment, and more in a secure enclave with a growing number of tools and features.

Key components of the Analytics Platform

  • Self-serve Precision Health DataDirect tool (prerequisites required for access), which allows researchers to query and access the de-identified health data of more than 4 million Michigan Medicine patients
  • Precision Health de-identified RDW (Research Data Warehouse), enabling researchers to directly query the de-identified version of the enterprise RDW (which underlies Precision Health DataDirect)
  • Genetic data and analysis: Genetic data analysts are available to assist with genetic data/analysis requests as well as linkages to clinical and other health data
  • Research Scientific Facilitators to support data needs, offer guidance, and answer questions on all Precision Health Analytics Platform resources
  • Armis/Yottabyte and Turbo: secure computing environments for both Linux and Windows users
  • Dedicated GPUs (48) available through the Precision Health Armis2 allocation

In line with our data safety and security standards, Precision Health data must remain within their current Precision-Health-managed compute/storage environment.

Get Started

A new documentation site (UMICH [Level-1] password required) provides guidance on how to access and use Analytics Platform features, resources, and tools.

See the Data, Tools & Resources page to learn more about what the Precision Health Analytics Platform has to offer. U-M VPN login is required to access all of components of the PH secure enclave.

Schedule a consultation with a Research Scientific Facilitator to learn more about how the Analytics Platform can enhance your research.