• U-M researchers part of $9M NIH precision health award

    Twelve awards totaling $9 million in Fiscal Year 2017 will launch a National Institutes of Health Data Commons Pilot Phase. U-M researchers received funding as part of the Trans-Omics for Precision Medicine (TOPMed) Program, whose goal is to generate scientific resources that will improve the understanding of heart, lung, blood, and sleep disorders and advance precision medicine.

  • Rachel Dawson named managing director for Precision Health

    Precision Health at the University of Michigan has named Rachel Dawson as managing director. She brings more than eight years of operations and talent management experience, leading operations staff, developing teams, and representing organizations with employers and donors.

  • These surgeons wanted to prescribe fewer opioids. So they developed a guide for all to use

    How many prescription pain pills should a patient receive after breast cancer surgery? Or hernia repair? Or gallbladder removal? A new tool developed at the University of Michigan, now available online for free, details recommendations for 11 common operations, based on pain control and surgical quality research, as well as data and surveys from patients throughout Michigan.

  • U-M launches new Precision Health research initiative

    The University of Michigan has launched a new initiative to harness campus-wide research aimed at finding personalized solutions to improve the health and wellness of individuals and communities.

  • 100,000 Points of Data

    Modern medicine gathers astronomical amounts of information on patients, but has had little sense of how to store, process, or apply it. But now doctors and researchers at the University of Michigan are working across disciplines and in multiple areas of medicine to harness individuals’ stats to develop more precise approaches to care. Hour Detroit looks at precision health research across U-M.