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U-M Precision Health Grants Competition

University of Michigan Precision Health has developed two grants programs to support the development, growth, and enrichment of precision health tools, resources, and application. Proposals are encouraged that clearly advance work in the area of precision health and addressing biological advances, diagnostics, therapeutics, analytics, software/programming including artificial intelligence, machine learning, sensors, or related, innovative areas.  Especially encouraged are proposals with one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Use U-M Precision Health datasets and/or analytic tools or create new tools and/or expand the U-M Precision Health dataset through additions to the cohort or novel data streams.
  • Involve multidisciplinary collaboration by engaging investigators from two or more schools.
  • Focus on pressing health problems, such as cancer, mental health, metabolic disease, or opioid misuse prevention.
  • Generate new data or capabilities that will be of value to and shared with a broad range of the U-M Precision Health community.
  • Demonstrate strength in the qualifications and experience of the investigator(s) and propensity to lead to externally funded project(s).
  • Draw in external partners.

Investigators Awards

With this awards program, U-M Precision Health aspires to generate meaningful, groundbreaking, multidisciplinary research projects that advance the field of precision health through the use and/or enrichment of U-M Precision Health data and tools/methods/techniques.

U-M Precision Health anticipates funding at least 12 two-year Investigators Awards in 2018 to support the development of precision health science, tools, and datasets.

Funding available per project may total up to $300,000.  Cost-sharing by home schools/departments/institutes of investigators is expected (50%).  The cost-sharing requirement has already been met for applicants with primary appointments in Michigan Medicine, the College of Engineering, or the School of Public Health, which are funding partners in the U-M Precision Health initiative.

The RFA was announced March 28, 2018.  Pre-proposals are due April 30, 2018.  Visit Competition Space for complete details and to apply.

Scholars Awards

With this awards program, U-M Precision Health aspires to expand the field of precision health by cultivating a cohort of promising early-career researchers in the field and spark new collaborative research avenues by engaging early-career investigators with tools and data to support their work.

U-M Precision Health anticipates funding eight to 12 awards in 2018 to support early researchers, with the potential for renewal. Funding available per awardee will be up to $80,000 for one year.  Applications will be sought from doctoral students, postdocs, fellows, residents, or trainees from any U-M school performing research in the area of precision health.  Applicants should be sponsored and mentored by a U-M Precision Health-affiliated faculty member.

Applications are due June 8, 2018.  Visit Competition Space for complete details and to apply.