Faculty Resources

Tools & Databases

Analytical Tools (coming soon)

Assistance from Scientific Facilitator (coming soon) – Soon researchers will be able to request personal assistance from an experienced, skilled Scientific Facilitator who can help connect you with relevant data, guide you through inquiries to get the data you need, and even provide expert guidance on navigating IRB applications to ensure that your request is reviewed and approved as quickly as possible for your precision health-related research projects.

Data Resources

DataDirect is a self-serve tool enabling access to clinical data such as diagnoses, encounters, procedures, medications (ordered and administered), and labs (ordered and results) on more than 4 million unique patients from across the Michigan Medicine enterprise. DataDirect provides aggregate counts for cohort discovery and the ability to download patient health data. Its user-friendly interface allows users to discover information quickly and easily. Start here.

The Michigan Genomics Initiative (MGI) has created an institutional repository of DNA and genetic data together from more than 42,000 patients with a rich medical phenotype for a broad portfolio of medical research. Participants enrolled in MGI contribute biospecimens for genotyping, electronic health record (EHR) data for clinical information, patient-reported questionnaires for pain, mood, affect and function and linkages to local and national data sources. The Michigan Genomics Initiative tracks patient classification of diseases, functioning and disability with the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) standard, 9th revision. It can be queried to support many types of medical research. More information here.

We will continue to add new data resources in the coming months.