The Precision Health team is available to help support and connect faculty with the resources they need.

  • Tina Creguer, Senior Project Manager

    Creguer comes to Precision Health after serving as managing director of the interdisciplinary University of Michigan Injury Center for six years. She has many years of experience managing successful projects in corporate roles, including serving as vice president of marketing communications for a large publishing company. Creguer is available to help faculty engage with Precision Health, in addition to supporting all administrative and management functions.

  • Nicole Fawcett, Director of Communications

    In addition to her role with Precision Health, Fawcett serves as director of communications for the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center, overseeing media relations, marketing, web, internal communication, social media and publications for the center’s research and clinical enterprises. She joined the University of Michigan in 2003 as a media coordinator and has a background in journalism.