Precision Health at the University of Michigan expands far beyond medical treatment to include prevention, implementation and community health. U-M is one of few institutions with a seamless collaborative culture that reaches across traditional department lines to tackle complex health problems.

With an integrated medical center within an outstanding research university, we can deploy clinical, educational and research efforts to ultimately promote better health. Our world-class programs bring extraordinary breadth and depth to precision health.

Our basic research and computational sciences fuel discovery; our clinical research programs test and validate new therapies; and our expertise in health services research ensures the effective application of this work for populations around the world.

Led by U-M faculty, Precision Health:

  • Provides a cohesive structure to support broader collaboration and provide the tools and administrative support to allow our faculty to expand their work.
  • Brings researchers together under one umbrella to learn from each other’s challenges and successes.
  • Provides the right resources and analytic tools to enable a diverse group of researchers to access complex datasets.
  • Actively bridges the full spectrum of precision health:
    • Precision Discovery: Identifying fundamental new knowledge in social, medical, computational and engineering sciences.
    • Precision Treatment: Translating these discoveries into promising treatments for patients.
    • Precision Implementation: Assessing the public health impact of therapies, working with community health systems, policy makers and payers to implement these therapies across the state and nation.

The initiative’s key partners include the Office of the Provost, College of Engineering, Michigan Medicine, and the School of Public Health.

Currently, there are hundreds of precision health research projects at U-M focused on a broad range of topic areas. To learn more about the scope of this work, view the feature storiesnews, and workgroups highlighted on this site.